HIRE Minnesota
HIRE Minnesota is working to ensure that public investments in infrastructure and renewable energy help lift people out of poverty, reduce racial disparities and contribute to healthier communities for all of us. HIRE brings people together with a vision of a new economy that works for all members of our community. Minnesota's unemployment rate is at an alarming 6.9 percent, and the unemployment rates in low-income communities and communities of color are much higher. And while our public institutions are making unprecedented investments to reverse those trends, they display a troubling pattern of failure to meet their goals for including people of color.

With this vision, HIRE Minnesota has united more than 70 community organizations in a broad and powerful coalition to change the way our public investments are made so that they benefit our environment, our economy and our communities. We believe our public investments should not only jump-start our ailing economy, they should provide access for all people to jobs, training and family-supporting wages. In addition, HIRE Minnesota promotes public investments that can contribute to our communities in other ways, such as rebuilding our infrastructure and reducing the harmful effects of climate change.

Learn more: Visit the HIRE Minnesota Web site
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