Consumer Information
Upon request, the school will provide the following:
• Information on financial assistance available to student enrolled in the school
(Financial Aid Policy)

• Information on the school
(General Information)

• Information about a student’s rights under FERPA
(Information on FERPA)

• Notice about the availability of the institution's annual campus security report to include:
(Notice of Availability)

- Campus crime statistics

- School policies concerning campus security and the relationship with State and local police

- Emergency response and evacuation procedures

-Annual campus security report
(Campus Security Report)
• The institution’s completion or graduation rates
(Job Placement/Graduation Rates)
This information can be requested through:

•In writing:

- Attn: Consumer Information

Summit Academy OIC

935 Olson Memorial Hwy.

Minneapolis, MN 55405

• In person at the front desk
Summit Academy OIC
935 Olson Memorial Highway, Minneapolis, MN 55405
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