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Supporting Summit Academy OIC (SAOIC) is an investment in your community. That investment, multiplied by others who give to SAOIC, has the power to bring about real changes in community conditions. Your donation will be carefully spent to have the greatest impact on people's lives.

SAOIC is going through a challenging financial period, but we are learning to operate leaner than ever, and we are strengthening our partnerships to offer more training in high-growth careers. We are succeeding: we placed over 78% of our students in jobs last year, helping them move from poverty into new careers at an average starting wage of more than $12 per hour.

SAOIC and our community needs your support. Here's how you can donate.


Please make checks payable to Summit Academy OIC and send to:

Summit Academy OIC
935 Olson Memorial Highway
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Credit Card

To make a credit card contribution, you can make an online donation or call the finance department at 612-278-5247.
Summit Academy OIC
935 Olson Memorial Highway, Minneapolis, MN 55405
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