Green Initiatives
With this year's new federal stimulus funding to build our nation's infrastructure and a renewable energy future, comes breakthrough opportunities for the low income, struggling communities in our state.

Summit is providing innovative vocational training, job placement, and support in the areas of renewable and sustainable energy fields so that those from the most economic disparate communities can enter the economic mainstream. By training people of color and women in the skills of the future, Summit gives them access to these new green collar jobs thus multiplying the effectiveness of every federal dollar spent in Minnesota. When members of low income communities earn a living wage, they not only stop receiving government funds but pay taxes and spend more money in their neighborhoods. This has a domino effect: It creates the pride and stability we all want for ourselves, our families and the state of Minnesota.

We all want a strong economy built for a renewable energy future but we need people doing the hands-on work to make this happen. When some of those people come from communities of color and low-income areas, everyone in Minnesota benefits.
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